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Feeding the 5,000 - a friendly, anti-wastage citizen meal

After London, Sydney, Paris and Nairobi, Feeding the 5,000 event took place in Nantes on 25 September during the Ecocity World Summit on Sustainable Cities.

This citizen meal prepared from foodstuffs which would otherwise have been thrown out is part of an initiative set up in 2009 by Tristram Stuart, an English historian and writer. This feast, which is organised in major cities worldwide, aims to raise awareness of food wastage. The concept involves preparing a meal for as many people as possible with foodstuffs which do not meet the aesthetic criteria required for commercial sale.

A tonne of vegetables was collected for a giant vegetable curry.
Nearly a tonne of vegetables was collected in Nantes from local producers and markets to make a giant vegetable curry. The residents of Nantes were invited to turn up with their vegetable peelers to prepare this gargantuan meal to the accompaniment of a disco beat. It was a huge success since Feeding the 5,000 actually played host to 7,000 guests.
This is event is part of a global campaign to raise awareness about food wastage. The 200 elected representatives attending the Mayors’ Summit were invited by Tristram Stuart to sign a pledge to fight against food wastage.

Date of update May 29, 2015

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