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Launch of the Great Citizen Debate "Energy transition is all of us"

After the success of the Debate on the future of the Loire in 2015, Nantes is launching its second Big Debate on energy transition. This new civic dialogue allows all actors and citizens of the city to be informed, but also, and above all, to be a stakeholder in the transition by offering ideas and trialling new projects on the energy future of the local area.

A "debate on doing", open to all
The purpose of the “Great Debate” is to inform, raise awareness and experiment. The goal is to promote the sharing of knowledge between experts and citizens and amongst citizens themselves, so that each person can apply it in their everyday life. This "debate on doing" invites people to be direct actors/testers of the transition. Over the course of 7 months, citizens, stakeholders and institutions will share ideas and experience energy transition in their day to day, according to four key areas.

The debate in 4 issues

In order to meet the challenges of energy transition, four major themes were first identified:
1. What does transition mean to our way of living? This relates to housing, travel, food etc. How to act every day to make our lifestyles less energy-intensive?
2. What will the landscapes and new uses look like? Where is energy produced and what are the sources of renewable energy in the local area? How will these new energies shape the city and the countryside? What will the new business areas be?
3. What access will there be to energy? How can we ensure universal access to the energy of the future? And can we produce this energy?
4. What are the innovations? What solutions should we use for energy storage? With which companies and what training? Which new models of circular economy, collaborative economy, industrial ecology to implement?

How can we learn and actively participate in the debate?
In order to involve as many citizens as possible, various tools have been implemented, following the 4 main themes:
-Tools for information: a reference document, a website, the "Blablawatt" blog, public hearings and a monthly newsletter.
-Tools for participation: a suggestion box on the website for submission of contributions (ideas, photos, sketches, etc.) the creation of 6 communities that allow everyone either to think of new ideas, experiment, or to evaluate and improve existing projects; actor notebooks, designed for local authorities, to convey a longer and detailed contribution.

And at the end of these seven months?
The Great Debate takes place from September 2016 to March 2017. An independent committee, composed of four volunteer citizens of Nantes, not including elected officials, is responsible for supervising all actions over the 7 months. Then from April to September 2017, the committee will prepare a final report, based on contributions, which will be presented to the elected representatives of Nantes Métropole. These citizen recommendations will be considered and eventually lead to the drafting of a commitment to action between partners and citizens. It will then be up to each actor to implement short or long-term actions, to continue to be an actor of the sustainable city.

Date of update December 14, 2016

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